We’ve always been interested in edginess that make us doubletake… and smile… particularly in the serious world of fashion. This inspired us to create ‘glytch’ – an Australian/family made clothing label based in Perth.

The idea behind glytch clothing is based in celebrating the uniqueness of each person and is based in ‘slow fashion’… ethically produced, environmentally considerate clothing. Our particular focus is on creating small runs of distinctive prints, enabling us to handcraft a limited range of uni-sex shirts for our customers. Once the print run is finished, we start on a fresh one, meaning your print will never be reproduced. This focus also enables us to minimize waste.

On top of waste minimization, our garments are made from ethically sourced fabric and packaged in compostable bags minimizing our environmental impact because we hope to keep you smiling for many years to come.

Meet the glytch team:

Mladen, head designer, pattern maker, fabric cutter, sewer and work place DJ
Benita, creative brainiac in Melbourne lock down behind pen and ink glytch designs.
Jordan, chief marketer, print designer extraordinaire and head cheerleader.
Janine, tea-maker during meetings and general 'keeper on tracker'.

Our Motto: Life is short… use the good teacups… wear the funky shirt.