White Label Vinyl Shirt


This print was inspired by the ever rare: White Label Record, which were used to conceal the identity of artists for either new upcoming albums or fresh test mixes back in the day. So if you ever find a plain white label record your in for a good time. Much like this shirt.

Our fabrics and your shirt are all printed and made Western Australia. Each product is made is small batches to reduce land fill and ensure hand made quality. So be assured your glytch shirt is: 100% Ethical, 100% Local, 100% Sustainable. Thank you for being a part of the slow fashion movement, you rebel.

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Additional information

Care Instructions

Our printed fabrics are 100% cotton and appreciate a cold delicate machine wash, turned inside out to protect the print. Do not soak, wring, or bleach. These shirts can be cool tumble dry or ironed turned inside out on low cotton setting with or without steam.